Sep 11
A euphemistic reference to taking a massive dump. Typically the corn filled variety. But eloquently expresses any act of defecation.
Well I hope everyone enjoyed that Thanksgiving meal. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to work on my corn art. I've got a masterpiece on the way.
by Buster Wider September 09, 2016
Sep 10
A text message containing information (usually unflattering or damaging) about a third party which is sent to the individual it concerns rather than the person for whom the communication is intended.
Text written for secret lover is inadvertently sent to partner, making it a mistext:

"On my way home, partner name suspicious, don't call."

by Dr E Short July 02, 2008
Sep 9
the morning after hippies or member of the 60's counter culture have made tie dyed t shirts, candles, or prayer flags
Our neighbors were sharing another hippie christmas on their drive way with 20 of their closest friends unwrapping tie dyed tshirts and prayer flags to dry in the sun.
by dp9 May 08, 2004
Sep 8
When you go for a day or so without brushing your teeth, and the texture in your mouth feels like your teeth are wearing fuzzy little sweaters.
"Does anyone have gum? I forgot to brush my teeth this morning, and it feels disgusting."
"Oh, you've got tooth sweaters?"
by Cara Dee December 07, 2008
Sep 3
Television channels you get without a cable or satellite TV subscription.
I can't afford digital cable, but I still get some good shows with the rabbit ears on peasantvision.
by imav January 14, 2005
Sep 2
A person who frequently attacks others in speech or writing, but who poses no intellectual threat whatsoever. The motivation of this type of person can usually be accurately construed as a desire to be obnoxious and offensive.

Origin: The phrase "porch dog" is used to refer to dogs that sit on front porches and bark (vigorously and fruitlessly) at passersby, but who pose no physical threat.
Yeah, that guy has a scathing response to just about everyone who posts in this forum. He's a real porch dog.
by Vitruvian Man May 19, 2006
Sep 1
One that has money beyond that of a normal baller yet pays less taxes than a street pharmaceutical rep or an illegal immigrant.
Look dat new lex he be drivin. He must got dat Mitt Romney Money.
by TheQuietStormRVA November 19, 2012
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