It is the act of swallowing a blunt/cigarette/joint whole after smoking it
Hi my name is Evan and this is nitro circus. For our first trick here it is called the Wu-tang. *eats lit joint whole*
by FonerBonertown October 24, 2020
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Young, teenage girls, that dress whorish enough to look like a real prostitutes.
For example, my buddy and I are going to the mall to scope out all the prosti-tots.
by psmitchum February 07, 2009
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the item fitted to the cat suit belonging to a mendonc allowing them to deficate at will
he has got a mendoushbag on
by Johnadict March 04, 2008
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brand new slang for when somebody half asleep half awake and is still able to send text messages!
damn im amazed i can text in my sleep, Im zombien cuz!
by raggasensi February 03, 2009
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Will always be there for. Has his flaws Including back problems, stuttering and thinks he started saying welp before anyone else. Besides that he is very loveable and kind
Vincent is person
by Personwhocameupwithwelp October 05, 2020
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