When a man or woman touches themselves on their fun parts to create an amazing sensation similar to sex.
If masturbation were in the olympics, I'd win the gold medal.
by A girl who masturbates March 28, 2010
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As in good, not as food but naming or calling something 'mustard' means this is good.
'Last Night Was Mustard'
'That Game Was Mustard'
by SM66 November 07, 2007
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Just because someone is Asian doesn’t mean they’re Chinese
Jimmy: hey look at that Chinese guy
Harold: bruh, he’s been a friend of mine since 1st grade, his name is Jerry and his dad is Japanese and his mom is Korean
by Romaine33 July 29, 2019
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While all definitions below are true, no one has said why the goggles are 'arabian'. Here's why: during middle eastern sandstorms, a good and loving husband will give his wife the goggles so she doesn't get sand in her eyes. Most of the other definitions make it seem like it's rude or funny to give someone the arabian goggles, but that's not how it started. It's actually something only a true gentleman would do.
Girl 1: So you met him at the beach? Does he like you??
Girl 2: Like me? I think he loves me! He lent me his arabian goggles when the wind kicked up!
Girl 1: What a gentleman!
by 1ooot July 27, 2006
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A made-up term used by Charlie Sheen in the Two and a Half Men episode entitled "Ow, Ow, Don't Stop" aired on 11/22/2010. There is much speculation that it might be a crude sexual term like many of the invented sex acts seen here on Urban Dictionary. Many fans have created their own obscene definitions on sites such as Yahoo Answers.

Some have theorized that Japanese Rain Goggles may be in reference to Mejikara anti-wrinkle goggles, which are made of silicone rubber. Charlie may have meant Courtney's fake boobs, also made of silicone, were in his eyes.
Charlie: "Have you ever had a woman give you Japanese Rain Goggles?"
Allan: "I've never even heard of that."
Charlie: "Neither had I until last night and now I don't know how I ever lived without 'em!"

Girl: "What are Japanese Rain Goggles?"
Boy: "I'll show you later baby."
by alittleobsessive November 23, 2010
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Middle Child Syndrome is when a child is born in between other child and feels negleted. The middle child is faced threw challenges such as feeling like nothing, not worth, no one caring, ect. An Older child gets lots of attention, and gets everything first. They are the "most dependable" ones through the eyes of family members/parents. The younger child also known as "the baby" of the family gets most attention. This child gets the most attention and can get away with anything. They usually have less discipline. The middle child is usually left without anything. People tend to not notice they're there.the end up feeling left out and forgotten.parents don't usually focus on there needs only their dire emergencies. Middle children seek love and happiness through friends and become social butterflies. But through Neglection by parents the child drifts away and becomes a loner with family.
(Over this and past year)
Youngest: yeah it's my birthday! (Party, Dave and Busters, 100$)
Oldest: yeah! My birthday... Mom can I please get my hair done. (Hair cut, low lights)
Middle: it's my birthday... Hello?

Mom: sorry honey but I just paid school fees can't really afford any birthday presents right now, if it helps I didn't get your (older) sister anything.
Middle: it's fine (mind: it's fine if you can't afford anything, but seriously a card is like a dollar, just a dollar. Glad I'm not worth a dollar)
(When middle child confronts people about how they feels other are like sure that HAPPEND... Middle child syndrome
by Aria...mont March 14, 2015
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