In italian (and expecially in south dialects) zoccola means "bitch", whore. The very same word is also used for the female of the rat (expecially sewer rat). "Zoccole" is the plural feminine form (masculine form does not exist with the same meaning, in fact "zoccolo" means hoof, clog).

The sentence in the example is written on a wall of an italian city (in italian dialect) and exploits the ambiguity of the meaning.
Berluscò, t'hanna magnà vivo 'e zoccole {plural of zoccola} e 'o primmo muzzeco te l'adda chiavà mammeta = Berlusconi, rats must eat you alive and the first bite must be given by your mother
by Jero.Potute March 25, 2010
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Zoccola means Bitch in Italian.
Person 1: Did you see that zoccola yesterday?
Person 2: Yes! She's kinda of weird...
by Kedhera June 28, 2017
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