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Someone who is very athletic. Almost always makes good grades; loves to sleep; guys love her. She's normally short but can reach high goals and is very curvy. She's very rebellious and brave but in school is always teachers pet.
Dude Oml, she's such a Zitlaly it pisses me off.
by Jessicarp May 15, 2016
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She is the most pretty and cool person you will ever meet. She will always have your back. Like always. She does things that are bad and she knows that's bad. Then regrets doing it. Even though she might be a good friend and always have your back she will always make the wrong choices then regret all the things that she does and go back to you to talk about it she gets herself in the lot of things you might meet someone named zitlaly but make sure you watch over them cuz you never know what they're going to their self into zitlaly are very overprotective mostly they get into fights
Omg Zitlaly is always getting her self into trouble.

I know but she is still a good person. She have different personalities
by TheBestsnsn June 15, 2018
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