In the sci-fi book 'A deepness in the sky' by Vernor Vinge, zipheads are 'focused' persons in that they are utterly loyal and willing slaves whose attention can be focused on any facet of their personality to serve the needs of the controlling person. For example, a brilliant person can be turned into an utter genius. The ziphead will no longer have any free will and do not care, the slightest bit, about the things unrelated to what they were focussed into. They will become highly agitated and violent if not allowed to do what they were focussed to do.

'Focus' is a tailored infection of the ziphead's brain by a special virus which can be controlled using MRI.
Characters in the novel who were focused (or who were zipheadized)
Ali Lin: A good park designer who became a park designing genius.
Trixia Bonsol: A linguist who became a genius at it.
by sherkaner underhill March 18, 2008
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One who is addicted to Zip, a popular mind altering drug that when taken in large doses causes a chain reaction that sends one's life straight down the tubes.
"Hilldale. Nothing but a breeding ground for Tranks, Lobos and Zipheads."
-Black Cop
by Martin McFlie July 23, 2006
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the meaning its when someone does something dumb
Can fish swim ?
You ziphead
by 4JKB December 17, 2018
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