Trixia is a very unique name. She got a very good personality. She always hide her feelings so she won’t hurt anyone. She always try to make her friends happy. She is always quite to a people that she just meet, but she is very talkative when she is around of people who she trust the most. Surely you can trust this person.
by Marie, 24/10/2018 July 12, 2020
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Trixia Is a shy girl, she is very smart and super loyal somewhat not really pretty , free spirited, this girl is not the most out spoken but she can kick some butt. but her attitude makes her beautiful heart of gold. when you meet a Trixia you will never forget she definitely leaves a mark on your soul. This girl is very successful when she becomes an adult. she sure loves food.
I think she likes boys and girls. This one is a true friend for life. She can also be your worse enemy so don’t do her wrong she might curse you.
Trixia smarty quirky the one that will mesmerized you.
by CatLadylove November 27, 2020
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Probably one of the most Unique, and amazing people you will stumble on your journey through life.

Someone who is easy to talk to, and otherwise caring. they also worship dogs... which is kinda weird... and they also hate cats... (eat them)
Yo dawg did you see dat Trixia
by Sir Chaz December 31, 2011
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