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A girl that has a lot of friends loves junk food and is always in a playful mood even if she is down she loves puppies and any pet she is funny and fun to be around even if she can be annoying but she has close friends and some it so close friends but she loves each and every one of them she loves playing with boys hair and you can be her best friend even if u just met her
Alyssa:who is that

Jordyn:oh that's my bff
Alyssa:I want to be her friend

Jordyn:I will introduce u too her
Zienna:hi Alyssa

Alyssa:we will be good friends
by Ppppplllllggghhdhdnd December 09, 2016
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Zienna originates from the name Sienna. This name started becoming popular in the year 2006. This is a name only girls have since no guys have showed up having this name. The meaning of this name is beautiful and intelligent. They will probably be a very caring, down to earth person.
Zienna is very beautiful and intelligent.
by Hdhhdjdkdkkd July 28, 2018
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