i didnt even see that coming, it was so zerr.
by Kory P December 7, 2009
A verb that describes a person who has a fedish for turtles. A "zerr" has a slight obsession with tortises and turtles. A zerr may also posess some physical features of a turtle.
" I just LOVE turtles, i'm such a zerr"

"look at her nose! Shes a zerr."
by Zerrble December 7, 2009
Zerr means bullshit
Its a slang-word originating from Ålidhem, a suburb in the east parts of Umeå, Sweden.

Its also used as a verb (zerra)
- have you seen this news article ?

- yeah, thats zerr.

- could you please stop zerra?

Meaning, could you please stop talking shit?
by Calandra Carter March 11, 2020
Zerr is a word used to devaule something. Like bullshit, it has a harsh tone to it.
The word is mostly used in urban areas in Sweden.
"I benchpressed 125 kgs today"

- Zerr!

"Zerra inte." (Don't zerr)
by batmanXcookiemonster February 20, 2017