A fedish
Something that is overly attractive sexy or something that drives a man insane just as much as sex does
Wow, he had a foot fedish last night he just stared at my feet i didnt even have to strip.
by It has no pseudonym February 23, 2014
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Comes from words Fedy (=God) and Fetish.

Having a fedish means being sexually attracted to Fedy and being obsessed by an idea of Fedy existing. If u have a fedish u love anything Fedy does, even though it is considered normal or even odd by others.
"Fedy sneezed so adorably, i'm in love."
"You have a fedish, u horny horn."

"I have a fedish i want Fedy daddy to fuck me hard."
by Hunibunimuni May 2, 2021
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Sexual Attrachtion to Oil
I have a Oil Fedish, I love to cum to oil.
by Jackson Bakerman February 5, 2021
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1)Ability to herd off with your feet

2)Used when you get an erection when the thought/ sight of feet
by Jfaic April 16, 2018
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