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a person overly obsessed with zombie related media (movies, books, TV shows, etc.)
John has seen every episode of The Walking Dead; he's a real zerd.
by noiamtheshoe January 20, 2015
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Much like word It expresses agreement or acceptence.
Oh man, I cant think of the Zerd.
You down man? Zerd
by Andrew December 28, 2003
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A person, a woman, considered sexually promiscuous.
A woman prostitute.
A .a girl who will fuck all your friends.
I don't want to talk to her! I hate that ZERD!
by mr.nation September 01, 2010
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Some stupid BTD Battles noob
"Have you heard of GamingWithMolt? He's such a Zerd."
by Not Jyueau AT ALL April 10, 2017
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