A person called Rodrigo that is really stupid.

Una persona llamada Rodrigo que esta bien pendejo jajaja.
by Alfonso December 12, 2004
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Steffanie is The most amazing person ever. She always stands for the right thing. She’s caring, and fun. Steffanie is one of my best friends. No one can top my bff ❤️
Steffanie Zamudio is my bff from now untill the end of the world <3
by Lluvirula October 11, 2021
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a short mexican whos prety fucking hot! but just uses girls for sex.he will say that he loves you and tell you your the only one but in the end will leave you after he gets wat he wants.AND will leave you for someone else
boy:your the one for me
boy:yea i swer i want you so bad
girl:ok lets do it
5 days later
boy:its over
boy:cus i love someone else
girl:your such a juan zamudio
by cmc! August 5, 2009
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(Somerset teacher) a stupid ass bitch who don’t be give a fuck bout her students is ugly in every way loves to tell kids to burn in a fire. Likes to get kids in trouble with their parents and kicks them out of their class before they even walk in and called my bsf (Jacob love) big scary man *Spanish accent
Theirs a piece of shit on the floor it’s another Zamudio
by Hernylono November 29, 2018
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