Dark tall and hansem. Nice guy but always look bad.
by Noramalina December 29, 2017
Shayfiq Zainal!
Shayfiq Zainal!
by Taenun January 19, 2022
A guy with a very high emphatic feelings towards people.He did not easily express his feelings using verbal communication but he is better in showing that he really care about someone by trying all his best to preserve his partner's feeling. He is just like the usual guy when it comes to remembering something important or when are having conversation about normal things but he is really different from the other guy when it comes to giving advice, best ideas or talking about his passion. There will be a lot of excitement when it comes to this. Yaa, he might be blurry most of the time but that's makes him special.
"A poetic guy with a blurry mind"
And that makes him to be loved easily by many girls including me -_<
Fahmi Zainal can be qualified as the best man for the world.
by muana rose April 20, 2018
Syafinaz Binte Zainal
Syafinaz Binte Zainal
by Exotata January 30, 2023
Great guy with warm heart and humble attitude
I love how the permana zainal responds the phone
by Pzap0202 November 23, 2021