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The act of wiping your cock clean on the back of the living room curtains.
You have just arrived home late and have furtively drilled your new girlfriend on the living room floor of her house whilst the rest of the family are asleep upstairs. The kettle is on and she has crept upstairs to the bathroom to have a piss and muck out her meat wallet. You are desperate to dry your cock......the kitchen is tidy, even you wouldn't use a tea towell!! no kitchen roll handy and no downstairs loo......It HAS to be a zaffle with the back of the living room curtains.
by Brucester September 01, 2006
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Zaffel is an extraordinary creature from another planet. He is the creator of the universe. Seen in many movies, such as The Odyssey, he appears to have a white face and big black eyes. Most of his sitings, he has been dancing along side young boys. No one knows why he is here, or how he came to earth. I would personally like him to go home. He has bothered my friends and me many times. If you see this "alien", quickly find the camera and take a picture, he is a rare site. Beware of Zaffle.
"What the hell is Zaffle?"
by Bobby Portsmith May 20, 2005
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