A man with a very large meat that also fucks the with the sexy hoes. He is the G.O.A.T. Also, he is a very kind a handsome man. You can also call him Lord Zab
That dude is such a Zab

Why you gotta be such a Zab
by That1Guy69 April 09, 2017
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(1) How are you?
(2) a greeting; hello.

The phrase "How are you" has evolved into "How is it going," "How's it going," "What is up" (with an optional "homie g" at the end), "What's up," and "sup." "Sup" has become a general greeting, much like "hi" or "hello." Because "sup" produces the undesirable "s" and "p" sounds, the better way of saying "How are you" is "zab."
Person 1: hi
Person 2: zab, yo
Person 1: nm. i had an amazing day today.
by elsutton August 05, 2007
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