A dab variation in which an individual makes a Z with their arms while dabbing.
That guy just zabbed he must be really cool.
by zabmastergeneral December 11, 2018
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Arab word for "fuck" often used to say 'shit, shoot, damn it, darn it,."
by tunisianmemes February 07, 2019
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(1) How are you?
(2) a greeting; hello.

The phrase "How are you" has evolved into "How is it going," "How's it going," "What is up" (with an optional "homie g" at the end), "What's up," and "sup." "Sup" has become a general greeting, much like "hi" or "hello." Because "sup" produces the undesirable "s" and "p" sounds, the better way of saying "How are you" is "zab."
Person 1: hi
Person 2: zab, yo
Person 1: nm. i had an amazing day today.
by elsutton August 05, 2007
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