When a person (usually a girl) snaps three times in the air in the shape of a Z. People do it to mean 'oh no she DIDNT!' or 'u got told!' It's gotta be done with a lot of attitude.
after a gay guy hits his cheating boyfriend with a purse and wants to finish off, he could do the z-snap with a little "mmm-hmm" before walking off leaving his EX boyfriend humiliated
by hiPhoPdancEniC June 02, 2007
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A snap going in a Z. Usually used by people when they had just made either a smart remark, or insult.
Fluffy: Got dat right ger-friend! *z-snap*
Fluffymonster: o.o
by ßöMߧ ÄwÄ¥! February 22, 2008
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Also known as the Zimbabwe snap

specifically not a d-snap or 3-snap.
"Damn dude you just z-snapped her so hard"

"Whats a D-snap?"

"No, Z-snap, Zimbabwe"
by Metis October 31, 2020
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it's where you take your fingers and you snap three times as u make a z in the air... it means " i know u just didn't" or "bring it on" or "your bitch ass just got served". It is usually used by ghetto masters or white wangstas.
Right after Talisha stole my boy, I gave her the z snap to let her know just how i felt. Bring it on, beeyotch!
by ghettoguru37 May 24, 2006
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a motion where usually a girl, snaps in the shape of a z and then in a circle moving her head along with it. Used when girls get in a fight commonly w/ another girl. sticking out your lips can increase the attitude.
girl1: (snaps in z and a circle)i know you didnt steal my boyfriend!
girl2: oh yes i did!
girl1: AH AH! (girls dodge one another and begin to fight)
by sam December 09, 2003
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