a boy who loves listening to vintage music and watching vintage movies and acts like a crackhead. they are very quirky and love wearing nike trainers
omg zak is such a z-boy, he listens to vintage music and he's such a crackhead
by nicolekyra October 18, 2019
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a game played by kids at Brookline High School in Brookline, Massachusetts. It involves throwing various to one another while yelling "Z-BOY". It is preferably played as a big game involving many kids however it is accepted to throw a z-boy at anytime anyplace. Z-Boy was invented by students hailing from South Brookline AKA SoBro. If a Z-Boy is dropped the perpetrator is vocally and , more rarely, physically abused by the other players.

"Yo, throw up that Z-Boy!!!"

"SIKE, I never drop a Z-Boy in my life"
by OneLocAzzNecro January 7, 2009
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The Z-Boys were a group of skateboarders from Santa Monica in the 1970's who are credited with popularizing skateboarding and essentially creating the punk/skater subculture that now exists.

The Z-Boys grew up in what was known as Dogtown, an extemely run-down low-class area in Santa Monica. They initially devoted all of their energy to surfing at the local pier. Eventually the Z-Boys turned to skateboarding, which was a dead sport at the time, and brought over techniques they had learned from surfing, namely riding very low on the board and cutting hard turns.

They first gained national attention in 1975 at the Bahne-Cadillac Skateboard Championship. Their unique style of riding became an instant hit, and drastically shifted the world of skateboarding from a flatland freestyle, which resembled gymnastics, to the fast and aggressive form that it is today.

After the competition they started skating heavily in empty pools, which were plentiful due to the California drought that year. Here again they changed skateboarding when Tony Alva hit the first aerial maneuver, which quickly came to dominate the sport.

Eventually their own popularity and the promise of more riches started to break them apart. By the end of 1976 they had all gone their own ways to separate teams. Soon after, skateboarding started to wane and money started to dry up. The Z-Boys never reunited.
The new movie, "Lords of Dogtown" is based on the true story of the Z-Boys.
by Daisy May 29, 2005
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One of the best skate documentaries ever made. It chronicles the events that took place in South Santa Monica, California in the mid-to-late 1970's in a ghetto area known as "Dogtown." A group of twelve young radicals bonded together to become one of the most influencial skate teams to this day. The group included skateboarding legends such as Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and Stacy Peralta.

The boys were sponsored by the Zephyr surf and skate shop located in the heart of Dogtown. The owners of shop (Skip Engblom, Jeff Ho, and Craig Stecyk) acted as mentors, coaches, and fellow "pirates", often letting the youths engage in illegal activity and often joining in on the fun.

The Z-Boys were primarily surfers, and they carried their surf style into their skating, prefering the low surf stance to the traditional straight-backed style. As the boys gathered interset in their new style, they also gathered fame which was accompanied by high paying offers from competing skate companies.

"Dogtown and Z-Boys" documents the rise and fall of the Zephyr Skate Team.

If you want to know the real side of the story behind "The Lords of Dogtown," watch this movie!
"Dogtown and Z-boys is such a great documentary- it sucks that they had to ruin it by making that crappy Hollywood version of the story (Lords of Dogtown)."
by little wing October 9, 2005
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To put a lubricant such as lotion in a plastic bag, and put your wang in there, and "fuck the couch"
Jerry pulled a La-Z-Boy because he couldn't ever find a date.
by TehBakes May 24, 2006
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Mrs. Brown, do you have an E-Z Boy I could borrow?
by Creepeon_Films May 5, 2019
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The #1 cause of premature death for ferrets.

HUSBAND: Hey, honey, have you seen Freddy the ferret?

WIFE: No, sugar, I haven't.

HUSBAND: I've been looking for him for an hour -- I don't know where he could be. Oh, well, I guess I'll just sit down and watch some ESPN.

(Sits down, everything is fine. Then reclines -- SqueeKRUNCH! Very sadly, the La-Z-boy ferret crunch has taken another ferret life before it's time.)

HUSBAND: Oh my God! It's Freddy! Dear God...

OZZY: Don't let this happen to you.
by Ozzy Nelson, peTrainer May 27, 2006
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