when you agree with something being said or that is occuring or is about to occur.
"Hey you wanna go to a movie tonight?"
by Sweetster May 26, 2009
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The FUN way to say "yup".
Can be confused with 'yepperdoodles'
Both words created by A.L.T., VERY early in the century. It is merely getting attention now, but was around since the beginning!
"Allie, do you wanna hang out 2moro after school?"
"Yupperdoodles! Sounds fun"

"Can people say 'yepperdoodles'?"
"Yupperdoodles! But i just like 'yup' better than 'yep' lol"
by The REAL A.L.T. February 20, 2009
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When just yes or yup isn’t a strong enough word to use in an intense situation only this word will be the best choice; yupperdoodles
Cop: Is that the man who raped you

Victim: yupperdoodles
by Joshua Brewster June 17, 2018
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