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Person 1: I need this song.
Person 2: I'll ysi.
by Absinc September 29, 2005
You spent your savings on lottery tickets and scratch cards?? YSI!!

YSI! Everyone knows Mitchel is an SI!
by Mitchelnext December 19, 2011
"You See It"
"Damn that's a dope Ferarri"
*Rolls down window*
by ideanx February 13, 2020
Ysis ysis is a girl that boys love. shes the type of girl that no one seems to know the wrod for. shes not that big up top but has a nice ass shes a flirt,a total virgin, and has never had a boyfriend. shes smart pretty and intelligent.she has a little to much mouth and attitude but is krazy and goofy and loud. she also outgoing fun to be around and a boy magnet. most boys think this type of gurl is so perfect that they dont even have all the words to descide her so they would just call her an Ysis. lots of southern people use this word.
"cooper, did you see that gurl in 6th period?"

"yah, she was so Ysis."
by southern_gurl May 19, 2009
Ysis is a goddess of Ancient Egypt. Her name can also be used today as a name for someone who is fun and freaky. She doesn't go well is surprises from strangers, but once you get to know her she is a kind heart
Person 1: you know Ysis, right?
Person 2: yeah, she is go fun and freaky
by Susanisgay August 4, 2018
When your father or other person checks your ass for prostate cancer.
I think I feel a lump, father, please give me some anal-ysis
by Massive Nonce January 31, 2018