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A variation and purposeful mispelling of "word". Can be used as a synonym of such phrases as "Sure", "Sounds good", "Hell yes.", "Agreed", "Aight/Okay". Wrod can also be used as a question (see example 2) where it is a synonym for phrases like "You down?" or "Is that cool with you?" It is also often used to end conversations, particulary as a response to "Peace" or "Later" (see example 3) When spoken, "wrod" can be pronounced "rod" or "rawd" or "rahhhhhd". The "w" is silent.
Example 1:
-"Yo, you going to that party tonight?"


Example 2:


Example 3:
-"Ok man, peace."

by jjk1216 January 08, 2005
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Commonly used in text messages or social media as a short form for Very Sound Advice.
Mate 1: Hey, I'd be careful risking all that money on one bet. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
Mate 2: Thanks. VSA
by Sexucator February 08, 2021
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First: why does one search just 'word'?
Second: how does one misspell it so bad?
Third: why the fuck are you still reading this?
Mark: Do you know the Wrod Ligma?
Alan: Whats a Wrod?
Mark: God dammnit!
by Extron September 18, 2019
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Missple from the word β€œword”
Usually occur when you type on keyboard very fast
Le me: *typing on line* Just one wrod, how did you get here!
by Sonsea September 14, 2018
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