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a totally weird but fun and loving person with a sense of humor
WARNING: can be stupid and crazy at times!
.....sure is one of a kind
dude that chick ova there is such an ysabella...but i love her to death!!

omg gurll!!! ur a ysabella!!!!
by Stefella July 21, 2010
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She is best friends with everybody. She has big boobs and has beautiful hair. If your friends with an ysabella, your lucky af. You never want to lose an ysabella as a friend or girlfriend. She loves to spend time with her friends. Ysabella will always make you day better. She will always have your back! ysabella is like a gift. She can be rude and mean if you treat her wrong. She is loved by everyone and always has a smile on her face. She can never stop laughing. She likes to be involved in everything. If you date an ysabella you need to treat her right or she'll use you and throw you away like paper. Ysabella has a good sense of style and is not afraid to put herself out there. Ysabella is the most beautiful person on earth. She is very sexy. She has a big heart twards friend and will be open to new friends. When an ysabella walks into the room, all eyes are on her. Ysabella is so gorgeous, she'll make you look like trash. Don't mess with an ysabella or you end up looking like a stupid bitch. Everyone loves to talk to an ysabella. She has the body of a model. She has nice boobs. Lots of girls are jelous of her. She loves making people laugh. Ysabella loves to party and can get down. Ysabella is loved by everyone and is treated like a princess. All guys think she is hot and sexy and want her. Always make the first move on her or you'll never get yourself an ysabella.

CAUTION: get youself an ysabella or you'll never have a real best friend!!!!!!
"Dude, what are you stare in at?"
"Ysabella, she is so hot!"
"I think I love her"
"Yea she is really fine"
"Go talk to her"
"Ok I'm about to talk to the most sexyest, prettiest, beautiful girl on earth"
by Ysabella1 March 22, 2017
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An awkward soul on the outside and inside, but if you get to know an Ysabella then you'll know that they can get crazy weird.
Did you see her at that party last night? She's totally an Ysabella!
by Verytaserums January 18, 2015
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That one person that will blow up your phone with the houseparty app. She is a funny, smart, kind, and pretty. She will always make you laugh, especially in gym class. She loves garbage cans and loves to hop on them. She doesn't do any sport because she is not athletic. She has many friends, but she loves all her friends. She loves to say oOf when she doesn't have anything else to say.
ME: I cracked my head open!!
Ysabella: oOf
by sophiathethicclegend December 26, 2018
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Ysabella is one of the baddest bitches of them all. she'll turn you on, she's a freaky ass girl. Get you a Ysabella.
Damn Ysabella your fine ass.
by Belllaaahhhhh January 11, 2017
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An amazing girl that is the best. If you are dating her she is a keeper. She is funny, cute, sporty and competitive
β€œIs that ysabella,”

β€œYah bro, she’s amazing
by Yeetbuckets August 11, 2019
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