Yovo is the name you're being called on the street when you're a white person living in Benin (West Africa). It means "You ! White !
I'm am a yovo, now, i guess...
by Yovo April 19, 2005
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Yovo stands for You Only Virgin Once.
1. Used by people perhaps overly proud of their virginity instead of Yolo being that less people have the right to use Yovo making it seem more elite.
2. When someone wants to keep their virginity despite what those around them say. Perhaps they want to save it for someone special.
3.Used sarcastically by some to hide any embarrassment of being a virgin.
Guy1: "Wanna stay in all day gaming?"
Guy2: "YOVO!"
Girl1: "Are you ever going to get a boyfriend?"
Girl2: "YOVO!"
by Hellskythe November 4, 2013
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You only vinith once.

Also accompanied by throwing up the hands in a v-shaped formation.
by 2B41 April 19, 2012
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You only vote once. #AntiReplayAttackMovement
Alice - Hey man let's take a vote
Bob - Okay but remember, #YOVO bitch
Alice - What the fuck Bob?
by YOVOEnthusiast November 11, 2019
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is bulgarian word for unsucksesful football player
Yovo we lost again
by dimo yoda 6000 May 28, 2019
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