some epic bois that make figures of youtubers and memes
youtooz is very good
by Bunnehz August 21, 2019
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A company that makes figures out of memes and youtubers. Their next figure Should be the youtuber joust can!
Man youtooz should make a joust can pop since they’ve made so many other ones based on youtubers
by Supercooldude44 September 19, 2019
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A company that makes cool internet people figures and is run by a cool guy that answers dms from loyal customers
The CEO of Youtooz is a cool guy
by TheHentaiGod September 1, 2019
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YouTooz are figurines of internet culture such as memes and youtubers and streamers. They are specially made to be put in a jar
Guy 1: “YouTooz just released a new drop that’s pretty epic mate”
Guy 2: “I can’t wait to buy the whole set!”
by Get paid get paid GATORADE October 15, 2020
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