1. Something Urban Dictionary always suggests that you look up. In fact, you're probably only here because of that. In fact, you're probably that kid that, when reading pre-written speeches or books, always read "And then *insert your name here* got hit by a truck" and didn't insert your name.

You rebel.

2. Also happens to be something that that scumbag ex of yours has tattooed on his bicep.
Stephen: Hey whats your name?
Stephanie: Kissm Yass
by *Insert your name here* April 14, 2013
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Something that doesn't need to be defined on Urban Dictionary
"Stop defining your name on Urban Dictionary. You're the reason the random word function brings up a fucking name 50% of the time"
by Ima Linguist June 14, 2018
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The most used word on the internet to quote examples. Try google.com
Yourname on IRC is a sexy boi.
by Anonymous May 17, 2003
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