a way to emphasize something or address someone when making a statement.
person1: omg look at her outfit
person2: wow its definitely giving your honor
by lazxinka April 2, 2021
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Also known as the 'Free Bird' defense, is a universal legal defense against any crimes committed while 'Free Bird' by Lynyrd Skynyrd was playing.

When the guitar solo of 'Free Bird' hits, it is nearly impossible for any reasonable person to restrain themselves from performing extreme, spectacular shit, which is why courts cannot hold defendants criminally liable for crimes that may have been committed during this song.
-The court finds that you led an entire police department on a high-speed chase, recklessly weaving through traffic and endangering the public for no apparent reason. How do you plead?

-Your honor, free bird was playing
by enterprise1701 March 15, 2023
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Parents think their son/daughter is so great that they have a bumper sticker on their vehicle to show everyone his/her accomplishment. Well, where would he/she be if my son didn't serve our country to allow your kid to have the freedoms they enjoy?
Who gives a shit that your son/daughter is an honor student. My son defends freedom for your honor student
by airmansmom4 May 20, 2011
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Is what you say when someone is leading someone else to a conclusion that they wouldn’t have otherwise drawn without your input. They use this all the time in courtroom dramas and I’ve seen some of those which means I’m technically a layer. No big deal or anything...
Hym “He was clearly NOT going to say ‘wisdom.’ He said ‘FREEDOM’ and was not going to say wisdom until YOU said wisdom. So... Um, leading the witness your honor! That’s the second time in those clips that you did it too! You did it to the other guy too!”

Dr. Moses Aaronson “Wouldn’t you say that the conclusion you’re trying to draw is the conclusion I want you draw and that I already have drawn in the past?”

Professor Junior Senior-Esquire the 3rd “Why YES! I was! I was going to say that! And I was in no way lead to that conclusion by you leading me there! I’m not here to be a sycophantic yes man whose sole purpose is to affirm your subjective interpretation of the Bible!”

Hym “Ha! Ridiculous! I just saved everyone reading this the trouble of watching your Exodus lecture. That’s all it is. You aggregating your cronies to affirm your propositional ethic. ‘God is too perfect for anyone to be around so I, Dr. Jeeple Jorpson, need to act as an intermediary for it’s will! You need the structure I provide because you can’t be trusted to make decisions because you are basically an animal to me! Or worse if you’re Hym!”
by Hym Iam November 27, 2022
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