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A term originating from an infamous World of Warcraft guild on the Stonemaul-US Server. Players from <YOUR BUMMED> are known for their relentless griefing, trolling, and racist pranks. The name of the guild comes from the term "bum" which refers to killing a player in the air, or in some other place where they cannot reach their body and are forced to spirit rez.

The expression "your bummed" has been generalized into an expression used when anything unfortunate happens to a player. The gramatical error included in the guild's name is there intentionally for trolling purposes.
"Don't let those fags from <YOUR BUMMED> in the raid, they're a bunch of assholes"

"You missed gladiator by 1 rank? Dag bro your bummed"

"I bummed this bad rogue yesterday, took a great screenshot of it for the forums"
by Travis Henrickson November 14, 2009
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Attempting to belittle others in an escape from thinking about drilling a nice hairy man hole. Not to act on homosexual tendencies driven by inadequacy.
I can't talk or think about invading a mans brown eye, so Your Bummed.
by snwod November 20, 2008
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