Some one's mum , mother , the thing that gave birth to them
Woman: How are you today sir?
Man: Your mum

Tom:Your mums a filthy lebo

A: Hey tom guess what...
B: yeah what
A: i banged ur mum last night


Student: Miss Miss
Teacher : Yes henry?
Student: i just realised that your mum
by kingfishtunamarlin November 20, 2007
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Stupid insult which townies say to get a kick out of life.
Person: You faggot
Townie: Oh yeah? Your MUM!
Person: Okay yes My Mum what about my mum?
Townie: Your Mum thats what its about
Person: Your an Idiot
*Townie runs off crying*
by Owner of your souls March 15, 2004
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* Slang for 'Your Mother', meaning the person who gave birth to you. Your biological mother.

* The ultimate end to an argument due to the difficulty to respond to it.
* Hey Neil, I really like your Mum!
Dude, you what? That really ain't cool!

* What the hell have you done to your hair?
Your Mum
by neil_the_ant June 05, 2004
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The best phrase/come back/retort/saying etc that anyone on the earth can say.
it's simple and easy to remember.
It never gets old and is always funny in nearly all contexts
Hey wat u doin?
your mum.

are u free on friday?
your mum is free on friday.

wat dya want 4 breakfast?
your mum

y r u so l8?
your mums l8.

y are u sayin 'your mum' all the time?
cos of your mum
by mistercooool July 27, 2009
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an extremely stupid insult by people with a small vocabulary and limited IQ. can be funny in rare occasions.
sped: man what the hell is that funky smell
slightly funn sped: your mum

sped: what long and hard and full of sea men
slightly funny sped: your mum
by Metal Head666 November 26, 2005
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Surely refers to the fact your mum is easy, or suggest that the person saying it has indeed slept with your mum
Person 1 "Shut up, your such an idiot"
Person 2 "your mum"
by jenm December 04, 2004
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