A beautiful, hot, funny, and intelligent male who loves to drive good cars. Has beautiful eyes and amazing jawbones. Considered to be the perfect husband/boyfriend by girls. Many girls fantasize about Younes and wish they would marry him.
Oh I just wish this Younes would be all mine
by MinoUo December 05, 2011
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Younes is such a hot guy he is the best and he is so smart, he has a good hart with the right intention he loves his mom and dad and he is always worrt when his friends are sick.
Younes is such a lovely guy and the perfect husband and every girl dreams about him
by Gardenrush November 12, 2019
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yuhn - noun
A term African Americans associate and compare to "youngling", but in a manner which may imply friendship.
-Yo, what is cracking in the hood, my home boy?
-Not much is cracking in the hood upon this hour, "youn".
by Filly T April 11, 2008
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1.)a derogatory term that refers to people of vietnamese ancestry.the word was employed for political purposes. silly americans,trix are for kids.

2.)"Yuon" was a term used in the context of commence and trade to refer to the Vietnamese people. They do not consider this a derogatory term.

WARNING:technically, the orgins of "youn" was not used to denigrate thy vietnamese neighbor. however, it kinda,sorta became one since the world doesn't know how to get along, so, please,be kind to your neighbors.
Mr. Books is such a youn. The gleam from his bald spot is always shining bright in my eyes.

see those youns hiding in the rice patties, they are going to kill us.

yo,youn-a! wut up beeitch? where my money?

you give me 5 youns and give you one. nice doing business with you.
by amanda e stephens May 21, 2006
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