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Intricate front hair flip to the side and a push up of hair from the back, put out the shoulder, and smile.
Hey! Look at her hair! She is trying to do the yaso!

Friend1: "Hey how are you going to do you're hair tonight?"
Friend2: "I'm going to go yaso tonight!"

I cant wait to see your yaso..
by Badasso December 19, 2009
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Commonly used in text messages or social media as a short form for Very Sound Advice.
Mate 1: Hey, I'd be careful risking all that money on one bet. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
Mate 2: Thanks. VSA
by Sexucator February 08, 2021
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this is used as a vicious clap back that is guaranteed to destroy your opponent’s argument. or it can be used to simply annoy people
Numb Nut 1: you know we got 1 minute to get to class right?
Numb Nut 2: ya so
Numb Nut 1: we’re all the way across campus
Numb Nut 2: ...
Numb Nut 2: ya so
by crispyair November 23, 2018
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