Someone calling you an idiot.
Or you just look like an egg in general.
You: what is Our Science teachers name again?
Me: Mr.Wilson you egg

Me: I look like an egg
by Georgia_The_Egg March 11, 2017
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The iconic Shakespeare insult that shook tha nation. Egg meaning egg.
Ever been stabbed by a person or thought of stabbing another? Well I’ve got the thing for you!

Mom: Not my son!!!!! :0
Intruder: What, you egg?! :<
Son: Nooooo :(
by Handymany;) May 28, 2018
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An insult given to a child before their brutal Shakespearean murder
Murderer 1: "What you egg?"

*Stabs him*

"Mother, he hath killed me, run i prey you!"

by Bald Martin II October 24, 2019
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This line was created by Shakespear with a goal that is beyond your understanding.
Saying this near a saucy boy will get you stabbed.
"You're a saucy boy." "What? You egg?" (He stabs him)
by Maple Syrup#6339 February 02, 2020
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meaning u really suck, came from spongebob squarepants acuz squidward was voted most likely to suck eggs in high school, also from FLCL when the psycho lady wit pink hair sucks two scrammbled eggs off sum bald guy's head
god ur mean u rly suck eggs!!!!
by arat dna ynnej December 26, 2004
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The term used on first and/or second dates to make your date feel confused and uncomfortable, (but will make them feel special and jazzed) to the point that they will feel that they will have to "put out" and tell their other friends that they did "The Egg roll"-
Can, also, be used in political speeches to add needed cryptic tone and confusion.
Girl- So if you think you're getting any.. we will see.."
Guy- Oh yeah? Well, "With Six, you get Egg Roll"
Girl- I'm so turned on..I think.. and lets skip the movie..

Politician on stump- "I believe that the the immigration policy in America needs to changed, because IF WE DO NOT.. THEN With Six you get Egg Roll.. AND THAT CAN NOT BE ALLOWED.. Thank you!!
by Dave70 April 23, 2006
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