the default font for microsoft word, everything must be typed in this for MLA formatting and at 12 pt font
times new roman is scenexcore
but first you haev to put it in size 2 font
by gaywalking1338 April 24, 2006
A way to make your essay fit the page count
Professor : Your report should be maximum 8 pages.
Student 1 : Shit! I'm over the page count.
Student 2 : It's ok, just change your font to Times New Roman.
by academicloopholes December 24, 2017
A rock'n'roll band from Baltimore Maryland, poised to take over the world.
I would leave my husband for The Times New Roman.
by futureicon August 28, 2009
An exclamation of enjoyment. Get it? Like good times, but it's also a font.
Timothy: I just bought Red Dead Redemption

Lucas: That sounds like good times new roman.
by Whip-it Fiend June 8, 2011
people who use this font are basic and suck\
"i dohnt no how two spewll"
-person who uses times new roman
by timesnewroman user February 11, 2021