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“You’re on the list.” It was first used in a Dora the Explorer and BTS horror story AU by @filmfics on Twitter. The “list” was a harvest list of people she would kill for blocking/interacting with her. You can use this against people you hate for fun, not in some murder type way.
“I hate BTS! They totally suck.”
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YOTL is from a DoraxBTS crack au created by filmfics on Twitter. It is an abbreviation meaning "You're on the list". You would typically use this when someone says something you disagree with.
Person 1: Have you seen that au yet?
Person 2: Yeah, it was kind of boring. I didn't like it very much.
Person 1: YOTL
by heckle keckle July 11, 2018
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From btsxdora AU.

Acronym for: you're on the list.

If you are "on this list" you'll be chosen for "harvest season" in which Dora the explorer will sacrifice you to the church of diabolus, that is if you mock her twitter account, spam, or interact with it in any way.
Someone: I think diego is better than Dora.

Dora: yotl
by 555suckass July 13, 2018
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It's from some Dora's au it means 'you're on the list'
Hmm u can use it in any words e.g. ''hey dude YOTL''
by J move July 12, 2018
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YOTL is slang for you’re on the list. This started with a dora au by a bts fan on the bird app, and it has spread like wildfire. So it basically means that you’re going to die
“I hate armeries” “YOTL” “what the fuck?” “The harvest is coming bitch”
by askinnylegend July 12, 2018
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#YOTL in an abbrevation of YOU ARE ON THE LIST. Saying started by @filmfics on Twitter who wrote the iconic, crackhead horror au BTS×Dora "Dora the Explorer". Read to ruin your own childhood.
Also! Join Church of Diabolus to get all "the current updates, info and facts of Dora and her friends."
-yo! BTS suck, kpop is not real music smh
by creamy_beans July 12, 2018
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