interchangable with the word reach, mission, go to, call, eat, grab, .... basically any decent verb
ie. " yonder next jam"
" yonder a muffin quick in my palm"
" yonder at eliza right now her bassist skills are damn sassy"
by nuffgoodwords November 13, 2008
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"Yonder" is a word used primarily in the mountain areas of regions in the Southern parts in the United States of America it can be traced back to other countries such as Ireland and Sweden perhaps surrounding areas of higher elevations to lower plains but mostly used in small villages or towns.
Horse keeper yells to neighbor did you see my horse down yonder? Neighbor says no I reckon its over yonder! Another example Woman says to friend did you see my husband up yonder at the grocery store? Friend says no I seen him down yonder fishing with my husband! Wife says let's go up yonder and tell them they better catch some fish or they ain't gonna get no supper!
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by Dr.Lol101 May 29, 2019
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far away, long trip, way out there, rural; subrurbs even
"yeah...rich lives like way down yonder"
by Richard Sager September 03, 2004
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Yonder/ an unmeasurable distance or an acceptable measurement when you are to lazy to take a measurement. Also an acceptable height measurement
Davit: Jansen how far away do you think that car is.
Jansen: Oh its a ways out yonder.

Davit: I was looking for a bit more of an accurate measurement but I guess that will have to suffice.
by creep maste November 10, 2009
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i'm not clear on it's background; look at the others for that. but i can tell you that it can be used infront of a noun, when describing, for example, where you're going to your parents.
parent; Jo, where are you going tonight?
Jo: to yonder manga club.
by mad sam purple'ead January 05, 2005
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Yonder is a guy who lives in the middle of Georgia and is not there.
"Where's Yonder?"
"Somewhere in the middle of Georgia unless he ain't there."
by Yonder August 24, 2004
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