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Multi-purpose word that is used as a substitute for 'yes', but is more subtle and nuanced. It can be used as a statement, exclamation, question, interjection and more.
Statement: Did you gitsome? Yih.
Exclamation: Yih! That was awesome.
Question: Gitsome? Yih. Yih? Yih.
Interjection: Yih excuse me but did you gitsome? Yih. Yih! Yih? Yih.
by Timmy July 29, 2004
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The name of the show is SpongeBob, but Patrick is the star! #Y.I.H.

I wish T-bell served Frostys. Y.I.H.
by J.P.R. March 20, 2012
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used in situation where extreme excitement is present and now words come to your mind, save for "YIH!"
Your girlfriend - I want to have sex right now!

You - YIH!!
by Doug Groves May 12, 2006
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