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yiggies ; yickies are little kids with guns/gang associations.

In Birmingham they’re pronounced yiggies, and in Oakland they’re pronounced yikkies.
“For you n****s that’s always on IG wit’ them (yiggies), are you really gon’ use them or you loafin’ for them bitches ?

~YBN Nahmir - Rubbin Off The Paint (2017)
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by Yrnaee December 02, 2017
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Like a lil' nigga with a gun.
-YBN Nahmir
"And all my young niggas pullin' triggers, we gorillas.
We let this bitch off until you feel us, for you niggas
that's always on IG with them yiggies, takin' pictures
Is you really gon' use 'em or you just loafin' for them bitches?"
by HunterTheSmoker February 11, 2018
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verb used to denote a person (or group of people) who act fickle, or balk at a difficult task. Also referred to as "yiggying out" sometimes.
Greg: "Man, where are the other guys? They said they would help me move this rock!"
Rod: "Dude, they totally yiggied out on you.."
by strizic August 28, 2005
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