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YIAY stands for Yesterday I Asked You. It's a daily show running on the Youtube channel Jacksfilms. The point is that the host Jack Douglass asks a question, and the audience submits answers through Facebook, Twitter, and the Youtube comments section. The next day, Jack reads the answers he thought were best. This show spawned running jokes on the Jacksfilms channel like "Bad Day?", the frequent commenting of "A Light Switch", and constant parodies of Jaden Smith's tweets for nearly every episode.
Also, a light switch.
Leave your answers in the comments below, I'll pick my favorites in the next episode of YIAY.
by ThatPyro June 25, 2015
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a youtube series by Jacksfilms (yesterday I asked you) which is a copy of the original popular web series made by Pewdiepie LWIAY (last week I asked you) who is known for all of his original content
did you see this new series called YIAY? its such a rip-off of pewdiepie's LWIAY
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by web-organizer July 24, 2018
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YIAY - Stands for "Yesterday I asked you". These type of videos are made by Jacksfilms. As of right now, he has made 404 episodes. Though this series is called YESTERDAY I ASKED YOU, I think it should be called LWIAY (Last week I asked you.)
John: Yesterday, I asked y-
YIAY is a lie
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by Entity 303 May 26, 2018
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