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person 1 : yo, YIAY copied LWIAY!!!!1!1!1!1!1
person 2 : YIAY came fist idiot.
by Sou-Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyori September 25, 2020
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A popular show made by a popular youtuber called Jacksfilms, Although people copy the fuck out of him he still goes strong on 500 episodes.
by ImStillPumpedForShrek5 June 01, 2020
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YIAY - Stands for "Yesterday I asked you". These type of videos are made by Jacksfilms. As of right now, he has made 404 episodes. Though this series is called YESTERDAY I ASKED YOU, I think it should be called LWIAY (Last week I asked you.)
John: Yesterday, I asked y-
YIAY is a lie
by Entity 303 April 12, 2018
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a youtube series by Jacksfilms (yesterday I asked you) which is a copy of the original popular web series made by Pewdiepie LWIAY (last week I asked you) who is known for all of his original content
did you see this new series called YIAY? its such a rip-off of pewdiepie's LWIAY
by web-organizer July 24, 2018
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YIAY, or "Yesterday, i asked you topic" is a show on Youtube run by the Youtuber Jack Douglas, in this series Jack asks questions about stuff, and his subscribers answer the questions. There is a slim chance of getting into YIAY, so a lot of people just don't submit answers.
Jacksfilms-"YIAY (yesterday i asked you) how do you piss off a nerd?"
Viewer- I hope i get featured :D
<some time later>
Viewer- welp, not featured again :(
by burrodemerda October 26, 2018
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