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YFP is the abbreviation for "young fresh pussy" mostly used by those in high-school and college. Has a fishy smell.
Tom: Dude I want to hit on Lauren.
Mike: Nahh Tom she's got YFP.
Tom: Yeah I know but still i want to get with her.
Mike:Tom...she's like in 7th grade.
by Drew Matt February 18, 2013
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YFP is the abbreviation for 'your fucking problem'.
Often used by overprotective parents to avoid the ef word.
Dad: Why are you crying, son? What's YFP??
Son: My boyfriend broke up with me!
by tooolongtotype January 15, 2011
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Abbreviation for "You Forgot Poland". Usually seen online, used dismissively, in conjunction with other abbreviations such as HTH or HAND
Troll: "I've beaten Half-Life, Myst, Final Fantasy VI, and Marathon, and none of them were near as challenging as Daikatana!"
Flamer: "YFP. HTH. HAND."
by ewiggin October 14, 2004
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YFP stands for you-fucking-pussy
It is a new term used by youth to describe a pussy ass nigga
by Jesuschrist12$ June 30, 2019
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