A female who is Black, and usually of African descent. These women are in many places around the world, most commonly in Africa, and the Americas. Black females are the cuviest women around, known for having a larger percentage of women with large, round bottoms and fuller breasts. They also have fuller lips and rounded noses. Their eye shapes vary just as much as their skin tones. Black females come in every shade on the spectrum, from very light (but not pink) to very dark. All of these tones are exotic and beautiful and make Black females stand apart from both White and Asian women. They are the most womanly females in the world, and they have the oldest bloodlines on Earth.

Black females are underrated in the United States because of the racial history in the country, and because White men know they can never get one. Black females around the world are the most exotic looking women. They mainly prefer Black and Latino men. Many also like Asian men. They do not like White men.
Wow, look at that exotic Black female over there, I wonder where she is from.
by Jupiter2io August 4, 2010