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A yelfie (better, Yelfie) is a user of Yelp who thinks only about himself or herself. The word is a combination of Yelp + self (or selfie). Their reviews are snapshots of themselves., rather than depictions of the restaurants or businesses patronzied. The same is true when they gravitate to Yelp Talk. They use the forum as an expression of their self-centeredness, to insult other people, act juvenile and disparage rational thought.

Oddly yelfies are not partial to selfies, and use as their avatars pictures of cartoon characters, TV personalities and other distancing features. In terms of usage, the word "Yelfie" is used only to describe someone else, not oneself.
"There's a thread about this on Yelp talk."
"Worthless, it s just Yelfies."
by MisterRogers January 25, 2016
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A yelfie is a Yelp check-in photo with a selfie. Take a picture and slap a picture of yourself on top of it, because everything needs more you in it, right?

Like, you might take a picture of a pizza and use Yelp to insert a selfie of yourself giving a big ‘ole thumbs-up. Or a selfie of yourself shoveling the entire pizza into your face like a gross, greasy, gigantic pizza taco.
Nobody touches the food! I haven't taken my yelfie yet.
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by benbenbang December 11, 2016
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A Yelfie is when you ask someone else to take your selfie for you. Hence in theory that if ones self picture is a selfie the act of another person taking your picture would incorporate the prefix of "you" to now be a Yelfie ♣️_🌘™
Black_friday_chris could not take his on selfie due to he was hugging someone. He asked "you" to take his selfie for him a and he is in now need of a "yelfie"
by black_friday_chris November 23, 2014
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