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A new disease, along with ligma , except the punchline is, you gotta yeetma meat
Guy 1 "I got yeetma"
Guy 2 "whats yeetma"
Guy 1 "yeetma meat lmfao"
Guy 2 "catches yeetma"
by Coolsortakinda1 July 27, 2018
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This is a holiday known as Yeetmas and is celebrated on December 23rd where everyone celebrates the term β€œyeet. This holiday is celebrated by giving each other candy. This holiday also has a mascot known as Yani, a Pig that wears a blue hat.
Jeff: Bro I got Kent Twix for Yeetmas how about you

Henry: Yeah I got Tanisha Skittles for Yeetmas

Yeetmas is a holiday in which you celebrate yeet
by Lance Sunderhaus April 11, 2019
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A happy time where people play video games (mainly Fortnite) and drink lots of coke
Guy 1:β€œI can wait for Yeetmas tomorrow.”
Guy 2:”I know right !!!I’m going to my G’s house to play some Fortnite we’re going to get a victory Royale.”
Guy 1: I’m doing same thing fam!!!
by Zerprob October 16, 2018
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