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1. A very, very bizarrly upbeat song by a band composed of a group of shameless Japanese men wearing nothing but disturbing fig leaf briefs.
2. A fanimutation based on the above song.
3. A Kojiro Abe music video based on the above song.
4. Japanese for "we did it!".
1. Everybody say Yatta!
2. That Yatta music video was freaking disturbing..
by Jules Carrozza June 20, 2003
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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Equivalent to saying "I did it!" after accomplishing a hard task.
by Bungalow Bill December 02, 2001
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To clarify the other definitions, yatta is a general japanese term used to express great happiness.
YATTA!! I just defeated the final boss!!
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Verb. In Japanese, it means "I did it" or "I did something". A Japanese song called, "Yatta" was written, and it repeats the word "yatta". It can be a proclamation of success. "Yatta" can also be like "Eureka!" or another term of that nature.
"Yatta! I've found it!"
by Zack M. January 03, 2004
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A rapper from San Francisco, California who is currently serving a 13 year sentence for the shooting of a man in downtown Oakland
Even though Yatta is locked up he still continues to make music
by NorCal408 May 26, 2020
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