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Yanerys is a hard working beautiful person. She isn’t afraid to speak what she thinks, she’s the kind of person that would stand up for you in an argument. She’s very humble and knows how to gain money and spend it right. A lot of girls envy her but that doesn’t stop her from grinding! She has an amazing personality, body, and face.
“Damn. Have you seen how fine Yanerys looks.”
by JSU’s shabka May 01, 2018
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Yanery is a cute girl that will never switch up on you even if you make her really angry she will always have your back, but once you leave the doors, they are shut theres no coming back
Boy 1: Ayy is that yanery ? she cute af and the realistic out here
Girl 1: she’s really fake
Boy 2: Stfu snake and fr i’d marry her
Boy 1: Osrs i’ll never switch up on my bestfriend like she never did
by Yanery August 25, 2018
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