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making use of the worst possible item at one's disposal in a manner far exceeding expectation in a postive manner
I am yandhi'ing with Brian Scalabrine on NBA 2k11 right now. He has 25 points.
by MartyFROMtuscaloosa November 21, 2010
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The process of making a promise in which you back out of the day before.

Most popular use by Kanye West in the release of his album under the name “Yahndi
Guy 1: Oh dude want to come to the movie?
Guy 2: yea for sure I’ll be there
Week later
You’re still coming to the movie tonight right?
No can we delay it?
Guys 1: dude you’re pulling a Yandhi
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by LilMenora November 22, 2018
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Yandhi will be Kanye West's ninth full-length hip-hop album. However anyone who has any insight to Kanye West's artistic and lifestyle choices knows that this album may not be released, title changed or have the whole concept of it being the follow up to Yeezus changed. Only Mr West can answer that question for us. Yandi has also become a bit of a meme since it was postponed twice in 2018.
If Kanye West doesn't drop Yandhi soon I will start listening to Scorpion.
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by LegendJorjie January 15, 2019
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