That's your friend
yeah shes a yalta
by yesyesyesbitch0 January 12, 2022
A Russian city. Many consider it a Russian Prostitute.
Have you seen the city of Yalta yet?
Dude, that yalta its the most sluttiest bitch alive, she just wouldn't stop!
by Sagar October 26, 2004
A sexual maneuver in which a British, U.S., and Russian male all gangbang a german and/or italian female
Dude! Germany got a big ol' Yalta Conference after WW2
by ARIZON4 May 2, 2009
Straight up pure autism. Stemmed from the rural area of Kent in the 1980s.
Why is ur child so weird? He’s Eddie Rowney sorry. Yalta.
by Kdkdkdkckckc October 11, 2020