"yais" can't be defined conventionally. one would be less successful at defining "yais" than he/she would be at defining the contemporary english language's utility infielder, "like". "yais" is a state of mind. "yais" is understanding and misunderstanding, as well as all points described on the subsequent continuum.
you are lovely, yais; gay, yais; yais? yais; is two plus two, four? yais; (if i had the character spaces to continue, i probably wouldn't. yais.)
by shane April 04, 2005
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"yais" is a different way of saying "yes." From what I can tell, it's origins are from the West Virginian area. All you'll ever need to know is that it means "yes" or "yeah."
"That's coo'!"
"Yais... It sure is."
by AdiaxX December 18, 2004
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how an immigrant would say "yes" , presumably while applying for a job.

made popular by the chinese guy on "mad TV"
by riggidy Ram One January 13, 2006
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Used in the place of "yes" yay-eee-s
Expression used to acknowledge a comment that is exceedingly odd or beyond the listeners level of understanding. Also used as a way of providing an answer without actually answering anything. Often one may incorporate a pause as to create the illusion that they are actually thinking of a valid answer or comment. One may also use "yais" as a way of covering up his/her daydreaming while in a conversation. For an example of how to say "yais" properly listen to tom hanks in the movie "The Terminal".
ex. person 1("So do you think it will work?)
person 2(*clueless* "ye.....yais")

ex. person 1("Lets the bed of your truck up with jello to
attract aliens!! It would be sweet!"
person 2(*too tired to call person 1 an idiot* "Yais")

ex. person 1("We are meeting at seven oclock right?")
person 2 (*not willing to answer yes or no* "ye...yais")
by Benzoferrari January 07, 2006
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Comical pronunciation of "yes," meant to immitate eastern Europe and Middle-Eastern accents. Used by Group X in prank calls and songs.
Good girl: Yais! Bad girl: No! I don't want her to schbraik my ween-dow.
by MuToiD_MaN May 10, 2006
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The word Yay is derived from the spanish word llello (pronouced yay-yo) which is slang for la cocaína, or cocaine.
by LiDsY July 03, 2013
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