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yall ( you or you guys) aint(are not)
by lauren December 11, 2003
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A contraction of the two terms y'all (you all) and ain't (are not), resulting in one word that means "you all are not."
by QuantumOfSilence March 02, 2017
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You + All = Y'all
Are + not = A'int

Y'all + A'int = Y'aint

Meaning: you aren't, you're not, you are not, etc.
Jessica: *looks in mirror* ugh I am so ugly what the heck
Monica: girl please, Y'aint ugly one little bit
by Madeline Alissa Cremonesi July 05, 2018
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Much like the word "Jawn", yaint sounds like it can be used for anything and everything but is usually referring to a hot girl. Not to be confused with the phrase "you ain't". Yaint was made popular in Phoenixville PA just outside of Philadelphia. Often used in conjunction with the word yanger.
-man, check out that yaint.

-did you see the biddies on that yaint.

(in conjunction)
-wow, look at that yaint and the other yaint with that yanger.
by Chaz Ferko November 29, 2007
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