sum realllii weakk bud, that hippy ting that will never get you higghhhh.
sagi:yo melv, this is ma 28th zoot mannn. this bud is yagzzzzz man!

melv: naaaaaaa kid, wat ya on bout, 2 a broo naa naa...

sagi: naa man trus its like vegetables, we all gt 2 slap ya init..

melv: naa naaa, line up alla ya now..

sagi: =/
by sagi deeeeeeeep May 14, 2007
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A fat man horribly obessed with himself and his car, who sucks at everything but thinks that he is the greatest.
yo man, that guy last night was such a Yagz
by Chris March 20, 2005
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Another term for dugiot or dirty.
O: That person is so gross.
E: ew, so yagz.
by MissssA May 8, 2019
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