will be ur bestie
energetic, if ur feeling down, go get a yagnee lol
fun person to be around, says the most random shit, can be embarrassing but u still have good laughs with yagnees lmao
Gives iguana vibes 🦎🦎
“Why are u so calm and normal during other classes but so energetic and high during that one class?”

Cus yagnee’s in that class”
by rabbit with rabies December 2, 2021
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bish who can’t do shit and can’t cooperate and disappoints people. they judge people’s music taste but knows no good songs. Stuck in 2017 and thinks “Havana” is still a hit 💀😷
“Who’s that bish??”
Oh that’s yagnee”
by jeon jungkook and gardener git September 24, 2020
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If you ever find a person who is a perfect combination of Fierce, Rebel, Amazingly charming, Loving, Funny and Crackhead energy, BEAUTIFUL <3 then you've found a Yagnee. I think most people in life do look for their Yagnees but not many, no most of them are not successful.

If you find a Yagnee and apparently loose her, then you're the dumbest person ever!!!!! Not even kidding!!!

One good way of finding Yagnee would be too look at her hair when they are loose and in Sun, they look sun rays hitting a waterfall in middle of a mosssttt pristine jungle. If you let a Yagnee loose, she'd either end up having a lot of fun by herself or getting hurt.
Me: Mom, I think I've found my Yagnee
Mom: Wake up already, Its 12PM!!!!
by DrunkenOrangutan November 24, 2021
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